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Eendracht Software for Web Site Solutions

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Personal Pages:


Anyone can access Internet.
But can anyone find you?
Eendracht Software can put you on the Internet

Present yourself with a personal Web site on Internet.

Not everyone can easily make his own professional looking Web site. Eendracht Software can help you with this job. If you provide us with the text you want on the site, pictures and describe what's your style, then we will design and build a nice looking Web site for you.

You will be able to view this page on Internet before it is officially publicised. You can comment on it and pay only after you are fully satisfied. In this way, you are sure that you get what you want. After the payment is received, your Web site will officially be publicised on Internet.

Why do you need a Web site?

This question has multiple answers. You can find some answers below. But you may have other/more reasons to want your own web site. One thing is for sure: It's modern and fits well in the current world that is getting connected faster and faster.

It is a modern introduction of your personality.

When soliciting in modern business, it can replace the traditional CV. It then offers more possibilities to present yourself.

It shows that you are taking advantage of the possibilities that the modern technology offers.

It is an easy way to share tips, tricks, pictures with the whole world.



You can find the most important prices in the table below. To know what a complete Web site would cost you, you can also visit our calculation page.



Standard site for which the information is provided in "softcopy".   (via E-mail)

Such a site may contain the following items:

Welcome page with a picture and general information about you.
Page with an overview of your work and/or hobbies. (Page can contain up to 4 pictures)
Page with a set of max. 10 pictures about holiday, journey, hobby, work etc. The can be accompanied with text.
Page with your favourite "links" on Internet.

euro 100,00

$ 125.00

Additional page with text and/or max 2 pictures. :

euro 25,00

$ 30.00

Text for Web site supplied on paper. Costs per page A4:

euro 5,00

$ 6.00

Scanning of pictures. Price per picture:

euro 2,50

$ 3.00

Other items that can be included:
Animated pictures
Scrolling text
Translation of the site. (English / Dutch)
Special Design "Buttons"
Special Design background
Extra pictures
Music and/or sound
Statistics about the visitors at your site.

Prices are including VAT


Finally, you can find here a link to a page with items that can be used on websites.
Make your choise and get ideas.


Informatie Aanvraag Formulier

Make a choise from the items below and let us know how to reach you.

Send more information about optional parts on Internet Pages.
Send more information about our Company.
Let a sales representative contact you.



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Send mail to webmaster@eendracht-software.nl with questions or comments about this web site.