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Eendracht Software for Web Site Solutions

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You want to broaden your horizon?
With Internet the world is your domain.
Eendracht Software can help you to get there.

Welcome to the Eendracht Software Site.

Eendracht Software is specialized in constructing Internet sites, and all kind of related things like web design, consultancy, maintenance, hosting and promotion.

On this page we will explain what you can expect from our company.

Please also have a look at our Products and Services pages.

Donīt take any risk!

With Eendracht Software you do not run any risk.
You know what you get before you pay.
Eendracht Software first places the Web site at a testing place on Internet.
There you can look at it, try it and comment it.
You do not pay before you are satisfied about the Web site.
And after that, you get full guarantee for error solving (if any).

Quality Standards

Eendracht Software has high quality standards for the Web sites that they build.
Please find below some examples:

Web sites should not only look good when using Internet Explorer, but also when using Netscape or Opera browsers.

Navigation within a Web site should be simple an logical.

A Web site must also be ready for people who cannot or do not want to receive pictures. (E.g. people with disabilities.)

The Web site must adapt automatically to different screen sizes/resolutions or must be designed for every common screen size/resolution.

The Web site must be able to work also for people who do not want to run scripts or install plugins.

But above all, a Web site must be beautiful and informative.

Also for do-it-yourself

For those people who want to build their own Web site, we have a site with lots of pictures and stuff and tips & tricks.
Have a look at: www.eendracht-software.com


Kind regards,


Ruud de Sterke (owner)




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Send mail to webmaster@eendracht-software.nl with questions or comments about this web site.